A look Back at the TCT Show


The Tri-Tech team had a fantastic week exhibiting at the TCT show 2017! Whilst the annual show takes a lot of hard work and strategic organisation from our team, we were highly impressed by this year’s event, which had increased by size and stature! We hope everyone got a chance to visit the show at the NEC on the 26th-28th of September in which there were a fantastic range of emerging technologies. Let’s take a look back at the events of the show…

It was the 22nd annum of TCT and this year seemed to play host to an atmosphere more intuitive, informative and inspirational than the years before! There were a range of expert speakers, product launches and new innovative projects being showcased which created a real buzz in the atmosphere. For those of us in the AM (additive manufacturing) industry, it was a chance to demonstrate the magnitude of real world applications of 3D print technology, to showcase the latest capabilities of our printers and most importantly to us at Tri-Tech 3D, it was an opportunity to connect with existing and new customers.

Over the three days we had live demonstrations of our J750; printing full colour keyrings containing a high resolution graphic of the TCT show, and our F370; printing part of our highly popular BMX bike helmet in ASA plastic. Our dedicated team were on hand to discuss the latest range of applications with Stratasys’ 3D print technology and we were impressed by the amount of interest and intrigue that visitors showed over our stand! One of our most popular displays seemed to be our BMX bike with its modified BMXTREMO X20 wheel, enabling riders to control drifting on the BMX. The team were delighted to explain the prototyping process it went through using 3D printing to our visitors!

We also had a range of models on show from various applications including medical, dental and animation which highlighted the range of materials we can print in, be that colours, textures and finishes, as well as the different opacities and strengths we can produce with the Stratasys printer range. If you managed to chat with a member of our team, you would have heard some of the fascinating and industry driving case studies we have as well as what industries our printers are placed in and what processes they can replace.

There were also some new and upcoming technologies being showcased at TCT, which are due to soon hit the UK market! We were excited to be exhibiting next to Desktop Metal who are soon set to hit the UK AM industry with their metal 3D printing capabilities. We were delighted to cross paths with them and we look forward to seeing their impact on the UK AM industry in the upcoming months.

Overall, we hope all of our visitors and customers found the information they needed and TCT a worth wile experience! The TCT show provides excellent networking opportunities as well as the chance to see for yourself what all the AM hype is about. TCT will be exhibiting around the same time next year and we hope to see you there! In the meantime, be sure to visit the Tri-Tech website for the latest news and info on our products and events! 

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