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Tri-Tech 3D are delighted to announce we are now Desktop Metal resellers! Desktop Metal was founded across the pond in 2015 and are rapidly leading the way in 3D printing with metals. They were created on over two decades of research into additive manufacturing in which they have developed a unique solution to 3D printing with Metals. Whilst most metal 3D printers are still very large, unaffordable and can be dangerous, Desktop Metal provide an office friendly and affordable solution which finally enables design engineers to be in the driving seat.

Continue reading our article where we’ve got the latest info from Colin Cater; our Desktop Metal product specialist, to discover what’s to come with Tri-Tech 3D and Desktop Metal!

What 3D metal printers will we be selling?

Tri-Tech 3D will be selling the Studio 3D printing system and the Production system.

 The Studio 3D printing system is designed as an end-to-end solution and is the only way to print complex metal parts in house. It comes as a three-part system including the Printer, Debinder and Furnace. The process itself offers a seamless workflow to engineering teams, with Desktop Metal’s cloud based software integrated throughout the entire process. What’s more, the studio system is up to ten times cheaper than comparable laser-based systems and only requires power and an internet connection, making it the ideal office based solution.

The Production system is the first metal 3D printing system designed for mass production. It has the power to deliver the speed, quality and cost-per-part needed to compete with traditional manufacturing processes. One of the greatest assets of the Production system is that it has a 20x lower cost than any metal 3D printing system currently on the market. In addition, this system provides the fastest way to manufacture complex metal parts, with zero tooling needed. It works by a process called Single Pass Jetting (SJP) which is capable of building complex metal parts in a matter of minutes rather than hours. The Production system will be available around late 2018.

What Materials will be available?

The Desktop Metal systems have been designed to use the same materials used for metal injection moulding. This means there is already an ecosystem of high quality alloys with a mature supply chain and well supplied process controls. There are currently 30 materials in development and this is what Tri-Tech 3D will initially be offering:

Stainless Steels: 17-4 PH and 316L


Tool Steel: H13

Alloy Steel: 4140

Low Expansion: Kovar F-15

What is the cost of investment?

Tri-Tech 3D will be offering the complete 3 stage system including the Studio 3D Printer, Debinder and the Microwave Furnace, all of which are sold together as the initial system. What’s great about this system is that you can add any additional 3D studio printers to the original system at any time, allowing you to grow and adopt the process at a pace which best suits your company. Your first order will cover the initial system, including delivery, installation, training, import taxes and a starter consumables kit. Contact Tri-Tech 3D for competitive pricing options.

What will the applications of metal 3D printing with the Desktop Metal Systems be?

The initial markets for Desktop Metal systems will be the Metal Injection Moulding Industry and also those familiar to the FDM process, wishing for a Metal FDM solution.

Our product specialist, Colin Cater comments “UK shipping’s are anticipated to begin by the middle of next year and there is already a huge amount of interest amongst the UK market. We are currently seeing a high level of interest from the likes of BMW in Germany who have noted their intentions to invest in DM technology in a recent press release”.

Finally, we’ve asked Colin what he predicts in terms of growth for 3D metal printing within the UK market.

Colin commented “It’s very difficult to predict, but in my experience the Desktop Metal Studio System opens up some of the traditional metallic 3D printing barriers, like cost of ownership, cost of materials, flexible use of materials, infrastructure costs, and some concerns relating to health and safety, all of which I consider to be barriers being broken down with the Desktop Metal system”.

Colin adds, “The production system is a totally different product, and will target the production of metals in the medium to high volume production industries, where traditional Tooling and Injection Moulding machines are used. This is a product gearing up towards a launch by the end of 2018 to early 2019, running in parallel with the Studio system to provide affordable, flexible and safe metallic 3D printing, from a single source provider”.

Our team here at Tri-Tech 3D are waiting in anticipation for sales of Desktop Metal technology to start in 2018! In the meantime, if you have any queries or enquiries, please contact our Desktop Metal Product Specialist Team on 01782 814551 or email [email protected]

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