What Does Year of the Engineer Mean to Tri-Tech 3D?


2018 is the Year of the Engineer! Year of the Engineer is a government lead 1-year campaign that’s been created to address the engineering skills gap shortage and to widen the pool of young people who join the profession. The aim of the campaign? To increase awareness and understanding of what engineers do among young people aged 7-16, their parents and their teachers.

What does it mean to Tri-Tech 3D?

Since Tri-Tech 3D began as a true engineering company, the Year of the Engineer is an initiative we’re passionate about. Paul Webber, founder of Tri-Tech 3D began as a self-employed 3D print engineer, servicing and refurbishing the machines to sell on in an era where 3D print was still a relatively new player in the field of manufacturing. The success of Tri-Tech 3D is built upon these strong engineering foundations in which today the company is proud to employ a multitude of 3D print engineers up and down the country.

What issues is the field of engineering facing?

Although today we can recognise and actively challenge many historical stereotypes and attitudes that occur in the workplace, the stereotypes and attitudes surrounding the engineering profession are still a challenge when it comes to recruiting a diverse range of talented individuals. Many people still view the work of an engineer as a physically demanding job that requires you to get your hands dirty. We could not stress any more how inaccurate this is! The Stanford Marsh Group is made up of a range of engineers who each have designated roles within the field of engineering. From our 3D print engineers and wide format service engineers at Stanford Marsh, to our Application/CAD engineers at Cadspec, the role of a 21st century engineer requires much more than simply fixing issues.

What is the role of a 21st century engineer?

Today’s engineers are both females and males with specialist knowledge and skills in a range of disciplines. The four main types of engineering include Mechanical, Chemical, Civil and Electrical, with many different sub branches under each discipline. A 21st century engineer is required to think for the future, to collaborate on ideas, and to work as part of a multidisciplinary team to overcome modern challenges.

Whilst it’s difficult to predict how the new and upcoming technologies and scientific discoveries will affect our world, one thing we’re sure about is that engineering is a challenging and incredibly rewarding career path and one that we at Tri-Tech highly recommend! 

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